Phonics classes in Causeway Bay

For our phonics classes in Causeway Bay we are using Letterland Phonics suitable for children from 2+. Letterland offers a huge range of resources for use in schools and at home. This includes the popular Early Years and Primary program, teaching synthetic phonics. These products help children read, write and spell and are engaging for teachers and students alike. It also offers an innovative Grammar range, a Spelling range and a highly successful ESL programme for non-native English speakers.

Letterland Phonics makes learning to read, write and spell fun for both teachers and children. Our wide range of multi-sensory resources have helped teachers all over the world to teach synthetic phonics. Our Teacher's Guides cover all the essential spelling patterns for the 44 sounds of the English language.

Spelling. All aboard! Spelling Stations takes children on a train journey of discovery from station to station learning new spelling patterns as they go. The visual clues linked to station names give children strategies for remembering how to spell words and plenty of activities to help consolidate that learning. Letterland Spelling Stations covers all the statutory requirements for Key Stage 1, Year 1 & 2.

Letterland Grammar introduces the grammatical concepts of Key Stage 1, Year 1 and Year 2. The emphasis is on bringing these concepts to life so children can understand them, remember them, and use them in their own writing.

English as a Second Language. Our Fix-it Phonics program has been especially designed for learning English as a second language. It is a structured course that uses the tried and tested Letterland system to teach phonics.

Fix-it Phonics is an all-inclusive, step-by-step programme. It has four structured levels that help children to quickly master all the English letter shapes and sounds as well as reading, writing and communication skills.

For more details about our Phonics Classes in Causeway Bay please contact us at or call us (+852) 2504 1978 our address is 10, Marco Polo Mansions, 2C Cleveland St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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