How to prepare a toddler for preschool?

How to prepare a toddler for preschool?

Children get excited about almost anything. It may be because of toys, new books, or even just their favorite snack. However, when parents mention preschool, most toddlers are excited to meet new friends and play around.

Excite toddlers about preschool

Have your toddlers think that preschool is not all about studying, but also having fun. We encourage our Parents to explain that going to preschool helps them later in life.

Toddlers learn about how parents, teachers, and fellow children act around each other. Our schools conduct school plays, singing time, role playing, and storytelling. Toddlers feel less anxious when they have fun at school.

Develop skills through games and other activities

When toddlers attend preschool, they learn to be more independent. While parents can teach their toddlers how to be independent, it’s in preschool they can actually practice it.

Parents drop their kids off at school with their own confidence. Every day brings a new surprise to them.

At the end of the day, toddlers might tell their parents what they want to bring or do at school. That shows the sense of independence in them.

Spend time reading and coloring books

While parents are the toddlers’ first teachers, our preschool teachers come in second. At home, parents ignite a love for reading. When toddlers get acquainted early on with how reading is fun, they develop their vocabulary. Books give children creative ideas and new outlooks on life. Reading enriches their minds and improves their language skills.

Explore the world through the environment

Kids mimic their surroundings, ask questions about the world, and explore the environment with the guidance of their parents. Naturally, kids are curious about everything. Parents must seize upon this and teach them about how the world works.

Ask your children how they felt about preschool, what did the other children do and are they interested in. It’s essential to talk to them about how they feel so parents learn more about their toddlers. It feels very fulfilling to hear about how their day went at preschool.

Follow a strict morning and nightly routine

Most of the time, parents create schedules that the entire household follows. For toddlers, this helps them shift from just playing around to being more responsible.

One great thing about schedules is that is educates children about telling time. This helps them practice being responsible and develops their cognitive skills. When parents successfully train their toddlers, they develop habits they won’t forget.

When night-time falls, toddlers love to be cuddled before they sleep. Nightmares may haunt them when they’re alone in the dark. A bedtime routine may include showering, storytelling, talking about their day, and hugs and kisses. This helps toddlers settle down before sleeping.

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