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Alison's Letterland is a registered Child Care Centre in Causeway Bay. We are following the EYFS Curriculum and offer classes for children from 2+.

We look forward to embracing your child's very first steps of their independent learning journey when they commence their Preschool class with us at Letterland. Our Preschool class has an excellent class ratio of 1:8 giving your child many opportunities to spend quality time with their class teacher.

Your child will embark on a daily timetable in specific areas of learning to ensure that they cover all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Our catchy school anthems will assist your child in settling into the daily routine and to understand what will be happening next in the class.

Your child will now begin to seek out others to share play experiences with and form special relationships within their class. Your child will inhibit their own actions and behaviors, with growing ability to engage in new play activities. During free playtime your child will also have the opportunity to play alongside the older children at Letterland who are the greatest teachers of all.

Our Preschool classes provide many fun and exciting play opportunities for your child to complete tasks independently and alongside their peers.

Our rich language and literacy programmes support your child's speaking and listening skills, encouraging them to use language as a powerful means of widening contacts, sharing feelings, experiences and thoughts. Singing and story time will play extended roles and your child will start to repeat and have some favorite rhymes and stories.

While English is our core language, children in our school are exposed to Mandarin & Cantonese language daily.

We support your child's language and literacy development with our chosen phonic programme Letterland for Beginners.

Your child will learn about the world around them through enquiry-led topics based on your child's interests to promote all areas of their learning. Your child will be exposed to our interactive white board activities which provide endless learning opportunities and fun experiences. Expressive art and design will allow your child to experiment further with a variety of multi sensory experiences. The activities will extend your child's knowledge and understanding of the primary theme and academic area of learning for the day.

Role play opportunities are available for children to take part in, including attending a tea party or dressing up as nurses and doctors, to name a few. Your child will begin to imitate everyday actions and events from their own family and cultural background.

Your child's physical development needs will be met through our Sticky Kids daily exercise workouts, along with action games and songs. In addition to this, we also have ball and hoop games that are introduced weekly to extend your child's gross motor skills.

At the end of each class, your child will be rewarded with a good boy or good girl star for their achievements throughout the class, which represents 'home time'.

A class mascot and a certificate representing the star of the week will be rewarded for super achievements and as part of our assertive discipline plan.

For more details about our Child Care Centre in Causeway Bay please contact us at or call us (+852) 2504 1978 our address is 10, Marco Polo Mansions, 2C Cleveland St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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